Charity Doujinshi Project “Little Hands”, in collaboration with Japanese, French, American and Thai creators

It is with the hope we might bring some relief to the victims of the Tohoku earthquake, that we produced this doujinshi,
“Little Hands”, with the collaboration of Japanese, French, American and Thai artists.

Message from Stéphane Lapie, Little Hands project representative

On March 11th, I actually was working when the earthquake occured.

It became very clear instantly, upon seeing everyone leaving their offices,
that this was no ordinary earthquake.

As I checked the news on my cell phone, I learned about the tsunami that occured in Tohoku.

Even though I have been living in Tokyo for five years now, I hadn’t experienced such a strong earthquake before.

I can’t bring myself to think about what the people actually living in the affected regions felt.

To tell the truth, my family also got worried, and I even did a quick trip home to Paris,
during which I kept on wondering if we couldn’t do “something.”

This is where my mind raced, thinking back to our usual activities :

We strive to be a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world, by bringing abroad authors, directors
of anime and manga, by translating their works.

Wouldn’t there be a way to actually do something for the victims of the earthquake?

This is how the concept for the doujinshi project “Little Hands” was born.

As mentioned above, we did not limit ourselves to Japan, we have received help from 17 people,
among which we can count mangaka, illustrators, scenario-writers, anime directors, and french comic authors.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank not only the authors themselves,
but also my collaborators for making contact with the authors,
the designers who worked on an extremely tight schedule to finish the project,
and everyone who gave us ideas for this project.
All of them have put a little part of themselves in this doujinshi.

Many thanks to you, who will take this book in your hands, the materialization of our feelings towards the Japanese, and the people living in Tohoku.

To conclude, I wish the best for the upcoming reconstruction to those who experienced the earthquake.

“Little Hands” Project
Stéphane Lapie
Christopher J.Ling

List of authors/creators having participated in the project (sorted by country and by alphabet)

Takami Akai
Yoshitoshi Abe
Keitaro Arima
Noizi Itô
Tomo Kataoka
Riho Sachimi
Syungo Sumaki
Luna Tsukigami
Chisato Naruse
Takeshi Nogami


 Jason Robinson


About sales

This dojinshi will be sold at :
France (Paris) – Japan Expo (06/30 – 07/03)
Location : Paris-Nord Villepinte Exposition Center
Collaboration : Fanzine “Kawa-Soft”

Amérique (Los Angeles) – Anime Expo (07/01 – 07/04)
Location : Los Angeles Convention Center
Collaboration : Hendane!

Taiwan (Taipei) – Fancy Frontier (07/30 – 07/31)
Location : Taipei Arena

Japon (Tokyo) – Comic Market 80
Location : Tokyo Big Sight

We will be receiving messages for the victims, during the aforementioned events.

We will also sell it by way of shops specializing in doujinshi.
Please bear with us as we iron out the details, we will post further information as soon as we have it.

Also, all the proceeds (including abroad sales) will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

 Stéphane Lapie (FR)
 Christopher J.Ling (USA)

 tutu1020 (JP)
 toq-mitz (JP)

 f-take (JP)
 tutu1020 (JP)
 Stéphane Tranchemer (FR)
 toq-mitz (JP)

 z_u_n_c_o (JP)

Special Thanks

JSICMF (Japanese Society for International cultivation of mutual friendship)